Thank you for joining us this Father's Day in support of men and their families!

Together we raised $10,274!

Triumph of Resilience and Unity Despite Inclement Weather

Despite the challenging weather conditions, the highly anticipated second annual Footsteps for Fathers fundraising event exceeded all expectations, delivering an inspiring demonstration of resilience, camaraderie, and unwavering support.

Rain and clouds failed to dampen the spirits of the participants, who showcased unwavering dedication to the cause of supporting fathers and their families. Their commitment shone through, defying the weather’s attempts to deter their enthusiasm.


Encouraging Involvement from CCMF Alberta Supporters

One of the event’s highlights was the presence of Frisbee Rob, whose involvement added an extra layer of inspiration and encouragement. His presence ignited motivation among the attendees, encouraging everyone to get involved and have fun.

Moreover, Ryan Hanson’s continued support played a significant role in brightening the event. Attendees had the privilege of obtaining signed copies of his latest book, “Toolbox Talk,” which was a beacon of positivity on a cloudy day.


Community Camaraderie 

The event fostered camaraderie and unity, with participants forming connections and creating lasting memories. Laughter filled the air as everyone reaffirmed their shared purpose, showcasing the remarkable strength of the community and the transformative impact that can be achieved through collective action.

The organizers extend their heartfelt gratitude to each participant, sponsor, and supporter for their unwavering commitment. Their presence and contributions made an immense difference, underscoring the importance of supporting fathers and their families.


Keep in Touch

For those passionate about continuing to support Footsteps for Fathers, the organizers urge everyone to stay connected and engaged. By working together, we can create a positive change, empowering fathers and impacting the lives of their families.

Check out these highlights from the day:

The event was even featured on Global News!

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Footsteps for Fathers 2023 Lead Sponsors

This year we used Canada Helps to manage our fundraiser. If you would like to see our fundraising page CLICK HERE.