Healthy men make for healthy fathers and healthy partners.

Men’s mental health is critical for them to be present in building and maintaining healthy families.

Mental health issues can significantly impact men’s relationships, work presence and safety, and overall well-being. It is essential for men to feel comfortable seeking support and treatment when needed.

CCMF Alberta’s programs are designed with men’s unique emotionality in mind. All of our personnel are here to help men navigate difficult situations in a way that they feel heard and supported.

Women play a part in men’s mental health and well-being. Be it friends and family, or the women who work with CCMF Alberta, we recognize the importance of addressing men’s issues and promoting gender equality.

Many women have contributed their time and resources to support the organization’s programs and initiatives, recognizing that issues affecting men also impact women and children.


On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the many women who have fought for gender equality and paved the way for future generations. We also recognize the vital role that women can play in supporting men and promoting gender equality for all. Working together can create a more just and equitable world for everyone.



“The women of CCMF Alberta are indispensable to our agency.

Dr. Christine Giancarlo grounds our work in the best available research, lending credibility to all we do.

Beth Barberree leads our group, providing clear vision, efficient execution, and humble compassion for all those we serve and work with.

Reagan Aguasin’s kindness and warmth permeates our agency and sets the tone for our outreach to those we serve.

Sarah Janzen’s creativity and skill make our messages heard, bringing hope to those who may be struggling or in need.

Vanessa Farkas-Brahmakshatriya’s energy propels us forward, and yet keeps us grounded in what matters most.

Tanis Moore brings an ear and light to those who suffer, and is an example for how our work should be done.

This International Women’s Day, CCMF Alberta salutes the women who help us create compassion, belonging, and agency for men.”

-Sean McMurtry, CCMF Alberta Board Chair