CCMF Alberta understands that abuse often has a unique look for men. If you’ve said to yourself, “this just doesn’t feel right” or have friends or family been concerned about things you’ve told them…then let’s talk.

  • Have you felt manipulated or diminished by your intimate partner?
  • Feel like you have no access to your own, or shared finances?
  • Feel obligated to stay in a bad situation because of religious or cultural expectations?
  • What about feeling isolated from friends or family by your significant other?
  • Were you coerced to take part in sex acts without full consent or talk about birth control?
  • Have you been physically attacked by your partner…or by someone encouraged to do so by your partner?

CCMF understands that men who have been in abusive relationships need a non-judgmental and compassionate space to begin the process of healing.

We recognize that it’s difficult for men who have experienced family or relationship violence/abuse to find the assistance and services that they need.

We know that it takes great courage for men to accept that they need assistance and to persevere until they can find that support.

CCMF Alberta is here for you.

We are proud to offer this 13-week recovery program, offered in a peer-support format. It is designed to serve  all male identified people who are victims of domestic violence (DV), domestic abuse (DA), and/or intimate partner violence (IPV).

This program is the first of its kind in Canada and offers positive, affirming and confidential support dedicated to men and men’s experience of domestic abuse. It will help you to acquire the skills, coping strategies, and resources to get you through this difficult time.

Take important first steps in the trauma recovery process to heal and regain control in your life…to become empowered again.

Our highest priority is ensuring the group environment is compassionate for all men attending regardless of sexual orientation, identification, religion, race, ethnicity, background or experiences.

Join us to share your experiences and meet others who understand that piece of you…because they’re on the same path.


Do you work for an agency who sees inquiries from men who have experienced domestic abuse? Ask us about our information sessions. CCMF would be pleased to customize a session for your organization.

*CCMF Alberta recognizes that there is an alarming number of cases involving domestic abuse of women. This is a sad fact. Research shows that there are also a near equal number of men who experience domestic/intimate partner abuse…some of whom are not even aware this is the case.




13 consecutive sessions that occur weekly; intake occurs monthly