Thanks to those who attended CCMF Alberta’s webinar last night. Turnout was near 100% to hear financial planner and money coach, Jodie Stauffer, share tips about how to stretch your dollar and make time with your kids memorable. She delivered really practical information that was sensitive to single parent and shared parenting realities.

As a single mom for a lot of years, Jodie is no stranger to needing to make money go a long way. The holidays can easily take on a competitive feel where one parent feels like they have to try and outdo the other with the “giving”. Jodie encouraged participants not to buy into that, and instead, to make memories.

Here are a few takeaways for those who weren’t able to make it to this session.

1. Memorable time is the true gift. But what’s the trick to making the precious time you do have with your kids memorable? The key is to choose things that are outside of the routine.

Here are a few of Jodie’s suggestions:

  • Go somewhere you’ve never been before. It can even be a small change. Do you normally go to the park near your house? Take the “far” away…like into a neighbouring community.
  • Are you normally a get up and get dressed kind of person? Why not have a pajama day where everyone stays in PJs all day long and has couch and TV time?

2. Pinched for cash? Consider checking out the consignment stores. Often they have the brand names teenagers are looking for at a fraction of the cost. Have you heard a kid ask where you bought them that GAP sweater? Unlikely.

Here are a few things that our attendees shared after the webinar:

  • “Great session with really useful suggestions.”
  • “Thanks, Jodie! I can put lots of these to use right away.”
  • “I take a sense of pride in being cheap!” says Jodie. “It’s about choices. When you spend time really identifying your priorities, it’s easier to make clever spending decisions.”

CCMF Alberta is looking forward to having Jodie back in 2021 to share her expertise. Sessions that we are considering include how to rebuild and/or stop unknown damage to your credit rating, and budgeting tips.