In October 2015, two registered psychologists opened a branch of the national charity, the Canadian Association for Equality, here in Calgary.

In the first year of operations they held a series of public awareness events for hundreds of Calgarians focused on the needs of men and families in Calgary.

During 2016, they raised funds and began creating strategic alliances within the local counselling and social service community.

In November of 2016, through the trade name, The Canadian Centre for Men and Families, they began offering part-time peer support programs/services focused on high conflict divorce, equal shared parenting, parental alienation and men who had experienced domestic abuse.

Over the next three years they organized a powerful executive team of three women and four men and expanded their strategic alliances, programming capacity and raised funds to open on a full-time basis.

As the organization continued to grow, they added their second Alberta branch in the fall of 2019, this time in Edmonton.

On January 1st, 2020, CCMF Calgary opened full-time at a store front location and two months later hired an Executive Director, Beth Barberree, to manage and grow the organization throughout Alberta.