I love reading books. I’m determined to find more time for reading. Part of my challenge is that I can’t seem to read at night. Most of the time, I get through a few pages and then fall asleep. But I’m committed to learning and growing, and since I’m an early riser, I’ve made it a habit to read in the morning. I’m amazed at how much content I can consume when I read every morning, even for as little as 10 minutes.

Reading can make a huge difference in our lives. Isn’t it amazing that so many courageous people (writers) record their accumulated wisdom so that others can benefit? Publishing a book can take many months and even years to research and write, amounting to hundreds or even thousands of hours. Expert writers may condense a lifetime of knowledge on a specific specialty or subject into a single document. This is an amazing gift.

We can all learn from both nonfiction and fiction. Fiction opens new worlds and forces us out of our personal echo chambers. Good fiction entertains us, but at the same time, it encourages us to confront new information and alternative perspectives. In turn, this helps us to expand our horizons and grow our empathy and compassion.

Of course, information is available in many places now, like YouTube and internet searches, but books are my favourite. And I still love the library. You can’t beat the price (free), and much of their inventory can be accessed remotely. And librarians are just the nicest and most helpful people I know.

Have you ever participated in a book club? Even if you can’t always read all the selections, you might appreciate the variety of topics that are explored in a group. You might even find yourself captivated by interesting material or subjects you wouldn’t usually choose. Book clubs can widen your knowledge on various topics, and the social element makes it motivating and fun!

Audiobooks are a great option if you’re not too enthusiastic about reading. And then there are podcasts. So many podcasts are available on a wide variety of subjects. If you are heading out on a road trip or driving around the city, try listening to podcasts or audiobooks. The time and/or miles will fly by when you are absorbed in an interesting podcast or book. If you are unfamiliar with the world of podcasts, be prepared to be astounded by the variety of topics available.

Learning and growing will help you achieve your dreams if you aspire to live an extraordinary life. We have access to cutting-edge knowledge and expertise from brilliant people, always available in books, podcasts and other sources. Even if you only have a few minutes a day, or during your commute to work, you can reap the benefits of incorporating some form of regular learning and growing into your life.

In what area of your life could you benefit by learning from some experts?

Where in your day might you free up time to schedule some learning and growing, even if it’s only a few minutes?

How might the library, a book club, a meetup group, or other social situations support your desire to learn and grow?


With loving kindness,

Coach Billy